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Data Integration and Data Architecture are the top priorities for modernising official statistics in 2017

This is the outcome of the 2016 Workshop on Modernising Official Statistics -

ProjectTopics to be coveredProject Proposals
Data Integration

Development of the proposed on-line guide

    • Quality measures for integrated data
    • Methodology – leading to CSPA-compliant prototype tools
    • Data security and trust issues
    • On-line training resources

Further joint experiments

    • Geo-spatial and statistical data
    • Urban statistics (based on the soapbox presentation)
    • Prices data
Data Architecture
  • A scoping exercise focused on the needs and priorities of statistical organisations
  • Review of use cases, best practices, lessons learned and existing technical solutions
  • Design of a reference architecture
  • Proof of concept
  • Semantic interoperability and metadata management
  • External data sources and off-site data

These projects are open to all statistical organisations that are willing and able to contribute. They will run from January to December 2017, and the results will be shared with the international statistical community. For more information, or to get involved, please contact


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