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Metadata glossary team reviewed definition and explanatory text of GSIM (v1.2) information objects and made following comments for next GSIM revision team to consider.

Some writing convention applied to definition include:  

  • Spelling : UK English will be used (example: organisation instead of organization)
  • No leading articles in definitions : All starting "A", "An", "The", etc. will be removed. Definition of term should be able to substitute grammatically; starting with article/using sentence will not allow this
  • Definitions will not start with the concept to be defined (e.g. "A Classification Family is...")
  • Definitions will start with lowercase and have no ending dot

Business Group

  • Business Case: (Meeting 24 September 2019) we propose to move the second sentence to the explanatory text
  • Business Function: (Meeting 24 September 2019) we propose to change definition to "activities undertaken by a statistical organisation to achieve its one or more objectives" 
  • Information Request: (Meeting 24 September 2019) we propose to change definition to "Statistical Need that is a request for new information for a particular purpose"
  • Process Design: (Meeting 3 September 2019) the current definition does not describe essence of process design. It should be reformulated. Closer approximation: " description of the arrangement of steps needed to perform a business function"
  • Process Execution Log: (Meeting 3 September 2019) in definition 1) second sentence should be in explanatory text; 2) proposed to change to "recording of a multi-set of process traces, i.e. a list of events generated by process instances"
  • Process Input: (Meeting 3 September 2019) we propose to change definition to "any instance of an information object supplied to a Process Step Instance at the time its execution is initiated" (removing "which is")
  • Process Pattern: (Meeting 24 September 2019) we propose to change definition to "named set of Process Designs that is highlighted for possible reuse" 
  • Process Step Instance: (Meeting 3 September 2019) we propose following 1) definition: "executed step in a Business Process specifying the actual inputs to and outputs from an occurrence of a Process Step"; 2) explanatory text: change "For this reason, each Process Step Instance details the inputs and outputs for that instance of the implementation of the Process Step." (remove "of" and replace "implementing")
  • Statistical Need: (Meeting 24 September 2019) in definition, we propose 1) to move the second and third sentences to explanatory text (also fix error "Environmental Change", it should be "Environment Change"; 2) to change first sentence to "requirement, request, or other notification that will be considered by a statistical organisation"
  • Statistical Program: (Meeting 24 September 2019) we propose to change definition to "set of activities, which may be repeated, that describe the purpose and context of a set of Business Processes within the relevant Statistical Programme Cycles"
  • Statistical Support Program: (Meeting 24 September 2019) we are concerned about how the definition is written (e.g. definition written in negative and doesn’t really make sense – i.e., “not related to post-design production” but “necessary to support production”? if it “supports”, how can it not then be “related”? ) Can you reformulate it?
  • Transformable Input: (Meeting 3 September 2019) we propose to move the second sentence with change (".. content may be represented..") to explanatory text 

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  1. (feedback from Linking GSBPM-GSIM task team, meeting 29 Sept. 2020)

    Regarding Change Definition - for those who are not familiar with GSIM vocabulary, the name of object is quite confusing, we should consult with GSIM group how they think about changing the name

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