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1. GSIM V1.0, released in December 2012, was the first internationally endorsed reference framework for statistical information. This over-arching framework will play an important part in modernizing, streamlining and aligning the production and standards associated with official statistics at both national and international levels.

2. GSIM V1.0 was the result of extensive, multi-disciplinary development and consultation across the international statistical community. Based on initial implementation experiences and further reflections on specific aspects of the model, GSIM V1.1 was released in December 2013. Over time it is expected that GSIM will be further refined as a result of implementation experience.

3. It is expected that statistical organizations will progressively adopt and implement this reference framework and the 'common language' it provides. It is intended that GSIM may be used by organizations to different degrees.

4. The document contains information to help users understand what a conceptual model is. It provides guides to help understand the model, explains how GSIM can be used as a communication tool and describes the steps to be taken to implement GSIM at a business and technical level.

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