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  • Work Session on Statistical Data Confidentiality 2021

The 2021 joint UNECE/Eurostat Expert Meeting on Statistical Data Confidentiality is hosted in Poznań, on 1-3 December 2021.

While this meeting is convened as an in-person event in Poland, for those participants who are unable to travel, we will try to provide a remote connection, upon request, to allow remote participation.

  • Second Information Notice, for practical arrangements

SDC2021 INF.2 (Practical Arrangements).pdf

  • Tentative Timetable

Revised Tentative Timetable SDC2021_rev30-11.pdf

The focus of the meeting will be on cutting edge ideas, new trends, experiments, and approaches in the areas of statistical data confidentiality. In addition to the traditional presentations, the agenda of the meeting will include target-driven small group discussions and interactive activities. The programme of the meeting will aim to cover the following topics:

  • Access to microdata;
  • Microdata protection;
  • Tabular data;
  • Risk assessment: Privacy, confidentiality, and disclosure;
  • Other emerging issues;
  • Software tools for statistical data confidentiality; and
  • Communication of statistical disclosure control methods.

For further details, please see the dedicated webpage for this meeting, here.

Statistical Journals you may be interested in

The hosts of this meeting would like to inform you about the following statistical journals which may be of interest to statisticians participating in this meeting, published by Statistics Poland and the Polish Statistical Association.

Please find below leaflets for the following journals:-

All papers and presentations can now be found on the following webpage:

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