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Last update (January 2019): Papers added for Germany, Italy, Poland and United Kingdom

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CountryYear of census Register-based censusCombined censusRolling censusTraditional censusVarious types/ general paper

Title of the paper

Year of
Austria2011 yy  yyChallenges in the transition from traditional to register–based census in Austria2012PDFPPT
Estonia2011 y y yyUse of administrative registers in census 2011. Estonian experience2012PDFPPT
Estonia2021X y y yyThe project for developing the methodology of register-based censuses in Estonia2014PDFPPT

Register-based population and housing census: methodology and developments thereof


Residency index and its applications in censuses and population statistics2016PDF

Estonia’s first register-based pilot census2017PDF

Indexes in demographic statistics: a methodology using nonstandard information for solving critical problems2017PDF
Finland1990 (since)X y y yFrom a traditional census towards a register-based census in Finland2006PDF y
France2004 (since) y yX yThe population census in France: from general census to “rolling census”2006PDF y
Germany2011 yX y yLessons learnt from a mixed-mode census for the future of social statistics2012PDF y

The combined census model in Germany – origins, lessons learned and future perspectives



2021, 2011 y ySupported by registers (2021)Supported by registers (2011)Lessons learned from the 2011 Italian census and innovations leading towards a continuous census2014PDFPPT

"Permanent census" using admin data and sample surveys

Preliminary Experimental: Results on the Italian Population and Housing Census Estimation Methods2018PDFPPT
Netherlands2001 (since)Using also data from surveys  y y yThe Dutch Virtual Census of 2001: A register–based approach combined with survey information2006PDF y
Netherlands +
other countries
2011y y y yComparing approaches of different (partly) register-based countries2012PDFPPT

New Zealand

 n.a. (strategy)


An overview of progress on the potential use of administrative data for census information in New Zealand: Census Transformation Programme (Statistics NZ information paper)

New Zealand n.a. (strategy)

Census Transformation – A Promising Future (Statistics NZ Cabinet paper)2015PDF 
Poland2011 y y yModern census in Poland2012PDFPPT

The evolutionary transition from the combined census to registers based census

Portugal2021 y yImplementing a register-based census – the Portuguese experience2012PDF y
Russian Federation2020 y y ySupported by sample surveys Russian Federation: plans and perspectives for the 2020 round2010PDFPPT
Slovakia2021, 2011  yX (2021) ySupported by registers (2011) Transition from traditional census to sample survey? (Experience from Population and Housing Census 2011)2012PDFPPT
Slovenia2011 y y y2011 register-based census in Slovenia - lessons learned2012PDF y
Spain2011 y y yA general approach to the importance and use of registers in the Spanish Census2012PDF y
Turkey2011 y y yThe 2011 Population and Housing Census of Turkey2012PDFPPT
United Kingdom2021 y yy  yXBeyond 2011 – the future of population statistics?2012PDFPPT
United Kingdom2021 and beyond

XEvaluating the potential for moving away from a traditional census2016PDFPPT
United Kingdom2021

Supported by administrative and survey data

Approach to using alternative data sources to support the 2021 Census in England and Wales

United States2010 y yy With yearly updates Reengineering the Census of Population and Housing2006PDF y
United States2020 y y y yPlanning for the 2020 United States Census2010PDFPPT
United States2020 y y ySupported by sample survey and admin data Path to the 2020 Census Design Decision2014PDF y
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