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Links and Resources

These are just a few of the thousands of Big Data resources available: those which are of greatest relevance to official statistics. Please feel free to add others using the button at the bottom of this section, or notify us.

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Page: International collaboration to understand the relevance of Big Data for Official Statistics 2015 Page: New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics (NTTS) Conference 2015 Page: Big Data: A Perspective from the BLS (2013) Page: Big data (and official statistics): MSIS paper from Statistics Netherlands (2013) Page: Big Data and Official Statistics: Paper for the New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics conference (2013) Page: Big data - an opportunity or a threat to official statistics? Eurostat paper for CES Page: Big Data for Development: Challenges and Opportunities (2012) Page: Big Data for Policy, Development and Official Statistics: UN Statistical Commission (2013) Page: Dealing with Big data for Official Statistics: IT Issues (MSIS paper from Italy) (2014) Page: Demystifying Big Data: TechAmerica Foundation paper (2012) Page: Mapping the policy issues raised by "Big Data": OECD policy paper (2012) Page: Placing Big Data in Official Statistics: A Big Challenge? Paper for the New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics conference (2013) Page: Production of Official Statistics by Using Big Data: MSIS paper from Statistics Korea (2013) Page: The Global Impact of Big Data: Infographic from Syracuse University (2014) Page: What Happens When Big Data Meets Official Statistics? World Bank webcast (2012) Page: Big Data in Official Statistics: Technical Workshop Report (2014) Page: Eurostat CROS-Portal page on Big Data Initiatives Page: Sandbox- CSO - ICHEC collaboration in the exploration of Big Data for official statistics 2015 Page: Paper on Big data and textual analysis: a corpus selection from Twitter.