The survey module (last modified 23 May 2011)

Guidance for interviewers and training

Supervision of interviewers

Materials for data processing

Violence indicators are computed with the aid of these computer code files.

Collecting feedback and evaluating

Conclusions and recommendations from pilot tests


UNECE has developed and tested this survey module on violence against women, as part of its activities in the United Nations Development Account project "Enhancing capacities to eradicate violence against women through networking of local knowledge communities".
The aim of the module is to enable countries to collect a minimum set of information to measure the prevalence of physical, sexual and intimate partner violence contained in the Report of the Friends of the Chair of the United Nations Statistical Commission on Indicators on Violence against Women (see para 8).
The proposed questionnaire and methodology were discussed at two UNECE Expert Group Meetings on Measuring Violence against Women in 2009 and 2010, respectively.
The module has been tested in Armenia, Georgia, Mexico, the Republic of Moldova and South Africa. See Recommendations.

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