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SDG Indicator 5.5.1(b) measures the proportion of positions held by women in local government. It is expressed as a percentage of elected positions held by women in legislative/deliberative bodies of local government.

This indicator replaces the indicator Members of municipal councils or other local area governing bodies as of the 2018 round of data collection.

The earlier indicator was the equivalent of Tier 1 only in the new indicator.

This 2-page summary, developed by UN Women and UNECE to support UNECE countries in providing data for this indicator, explains concepts and definitions, what is included and excluded from the indicator, data sources and examples of local government organization. (Russian version to follow)


Индикатор ЦУР 5.5.1 (b) измеряет долю должностей, занимаемых женщинами в органах местного самоуправления. Он выражается в процентах от избранных должностей, занимаемых женщинами в законодательных / совещательных органах местного самоуправления.

Этот показатель заменяет показатель «Члены муниципальных советов или других органов местного самоуправления» начиная с раунда сбора данных 2018 года.

Hyperlink SDG Indicators metadata repository (Metadata developed by UN Women)

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Statistical domain3.3.2 Gender and special population groups
Link to dataNot yet available (first collection in 2018)







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