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Consumer Price Index (CPI) - Индекс потребительских цен (ИПЦ)



Consumer Price Index (CPI) aims to measure the average changes over time in the general level of prices of goods and services purchased by the households for their own final consumption. The prices of a representative sample of goods and services are collected in monthly surveys and the CPI is compiled and published monthly. It is usually not revised or seasonally adjusted.


Индекс потребительских цен характеризует средние изменения во времени общего уровня цен на товары и услуги, приобретаемые домашними хозяйствами для собственного конечного потребления. 
Цены репрезентативных образцов товаров и услуг собираются на основе месячных обследований, и ИПЦ составляется и публикуется ежемесячно. Как правило, ИПЦ не пересматривается и не корректируется с учетом сезонных колебаний.


To some extent differences in compilation methods and in the coverage (of goods and services, geographical area and population groups) may influence the international comparability of the data. A comprehensive and detailed explanation of CPI methodology is provided in ILO/IMF/OECD/UNECE/Eurostat/The World Bank (2004): Consumer Price Index Manual. Theory and Practice. International Labour Office, Geneva.

Supplementary practical guidance on all aspects of compiling a CPI, and advice on a range of operational issues in data collection, data processing and publication is provided in UNECE/ILO/IMF/OECD/Eurostat/The World Bank (2009): Practical Guide to Producing Consumer Price Indices. United Nations, New York and Geneva.





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