The purpose of this wiki is to help countries in communicating the 2008 SNA to the main users.

It contains a generic presentation and a paper which could be adapted or directly used by each country.

It also provides a media for exchanging communication materials and other tools for informing users about the 2008 SNA and sharing best practices on how to engage stakeholders in the SNA revision process.

Generic communication material (by UNECE Steering Group on National Accounts)

The implementation of 2008 System of National Accounts and the role of data users and other stakeholder

Country examples


The Netherlands:

  • Revision of the Dutch national accounts: experiences in and lessons from the publication of the first results (Statistics Netherlands) - paper and presentation

Material on Eurostat website

  • The impact of the implementation of ESA 2010 on key indicators of the national accounts - overview
  • Website of the Accounts of Society conference organized by Eurostat in June 2014 including a session on implementation of ESA 2010 / 2008 SNA


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