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The task team aims to facilitate SDG data transmission through exchanging knowledge and experiences on the application of transmission standards (such as SDMX) and transmission methods and similar tools (such as APIs) that make automatisation of data transmission possible. The task team focuses on data transmission techniques and tools. It takes into account the context of data transmission (national reporting platforms or data flow relationships between countries and agencies i.e. the ‘nodes’ of data flow) if necessary, but does not focus on it.

The task team is co-chaired by Otis Bath (UK Office for National Statistics (ONS)) and Claire Plateau (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE)).

Purpose and draft Work Plan (October 2023)


Countries: France (co-chair), United Kingdom (co-chair), Poland, United States of America

Agencies: Eurostat, WHO, WHO Europe

Principal Product

The Task Team on Data Transmission are running a pilot to help countries post national data and metadata on the SDGs Data Lab in SDMX format, which will allow discrepancies between national and global data to be identified.

Other Resources

Case Studies & User stories



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SDMX-SDGs Working Group2019 Progress and Plans for 2020

SDMX Global Conference 2019

SDMX implementation-status OECD countries

SDMX IT building blocks

Eurostat’s SDMX Converter

ILO’s SMART tool

Eurostat’s SDMX Reference Infrastructure

OpenAPI Specification

González Morales & Orrell (2018): Data Interoperability: a Practicioner's Guide to joining up data in the development sector

If you wish to contribute by writing a case study or user story, or are interested in taking part in the pilot, please contact Lucy Gwilliam or Claire Plateau

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