At the April 2017 UNECE Expert Meeting, countries, custodian agencies and UNSD agreed on the need to test in practice the data flows for providing data on global SDG indicators for a better understanding of challenges and opportunities of the main actors. Following this meeting, to meet this demand, the Steering Group set up a task team to implement a pilot study involving the main actors–countries, custodian agencies, UNSD–testing different types of indicators to be reported. A second data flow pilot was initiated in Summer 2018 at the request of the CES Plenary to inform the deliberations of the IAEG-SDG and CCSA in preparing implementation guidelines for SDG data flows for the 2019 UN Statistical Commission.


Countries: France (co-chair), Turkey (co-chair), Belarus, Denmark, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.



Concept Note for the 2017 Data Flow Pilot (July 2017 - September 2017)

IAEG-SDG Presentation (Bahrain, November 2017)

Pilot Results (Mars 2018)


  1. Work Program (June 2018)
  2. Concept Note and Schedule for the Second Data Flow Pilot (June - July 2018) (initial |interim| final)
  3. Country Questionnaire (PDF | DOC | Survey Monkey)
  4. Agency Questionnaires  

    1. FAO (PDF | DOC | Survey Monkey)

    2. WHO (PDF | DOC | Survey Monkey)

    3. ICAO (PDF | DOC | Survey Monkey)

    4. UN Women (PDF | DOC | Survey Monkey)

    5. OECD (PDF | DOC | Survey Monkey)

  5. Initial findings from the second data flow pilot (24 August 2018)

  6. Second Pilot Study on Data Flows (2018) : final report (31 May 2019)

2018 Documents for further readings

       1-Improving data flows and global data reporting for Sustainable Development Goals - IAEG-SDGs Webpage

       2-Guiding principles of Data Reporting and Data Sharing for the Global Monitoring of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development- prepared by the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA) September 2017

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