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The CES Steering Group on Statistics for SDGs was established in February 2016. In 2019 and 2022 respectively, the mandate of the Group was extended and endorsed by EXCOM and CES Bureau.


  • The Steering Group guides and coordinates the CES work on statistics for SDGs. Its mission is to be a key resource providing guidance to countries on statistical follow-up to the 2030 Agenda through numerous vehicles, including meetings, workshops, guidelines, tools, websites and international collaboration. The Steering Group aims to play a pioneering role by identifying emerging issues and strategic topics for the future.
  • To follow up on the implementation of the CES Road Map on Statistics for SDGs; The road map provides a strategy on how to implement a system for producing data on SDGs, and guides the CES members in this work. The second edition of the road map was adopted by the Conference in 2021.

Members (2022):

The following countries and organizations are members of the Steering Group:

CountriesInternational Organizations
Poland (co-Chair)ItalyUNECE
Sweden (co-Chair)MontenegroEEA
GermanyUnited Kingdom


United States

Task Teams

Task Teams are organized as needed to address in-depth topics identified by the Steering Group, according to its terms of reference. Statement of purpose, membership, and work programs can be found on the respective sites below.

Steering Group and Task Group members collaborate on developing work products using the UNECE private wiki. For questions or additional information, please contact

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