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Terms of reference (2019)

The CES Steering Group was established in February 2016 by the CES Bureau and approved by EXCOM in December 2017 with the following objectives:

  • to prepare a road map for developing official statistics for SDGs under CES. The road map will provide a strategy on how to implement a monitoring system for SDGs under CES, and guide the CES members in implementing the Declaration adopted by the Conference in 2015.
  • to follow up on the implementation of the road map.

Work Programme

The work programme of the Steering Group is proposed annually at the Winter Steering Group meeting.

Members (2019)

The following countries and organizations are members of the Steering Group:

CountriesInternational Organizations
Poland (co-Chair)MontenegroUNECE
Sweden (co-Chair)NetherlandsCISSTAT
CanadaRussian FederationEurostat
GermanyUnited Kingdom


United States

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