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Seventh Expert Meeting on statistics for SDGs (12-13 April 2023, Geneva, Switzerland)


Sixth Expert Meeting on statistics for SDGs (5-6 May 2022)

Main topics: The expert meeting considered communication and progress measurement of SDGs, data from non-traditional data sources and discrepancies between data provided by countries and by custodian agencies.

Webinar on the importance of collaboration between statisticians and policy makers and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (12 May 2022)

2022 RFSD: Session 3 SDG 17 (I): Data and Statistics for Sustainable Development (6 - 7 April 2022)

Fifth Expert Meeting and Workshop on Statistics for SDGs (29 March-1 April 2021)

Main topics Expert Meeting: i) Measurement of progress towards SDGs, ii) Impact of Covid-19 on SDGs, and iii) Statistics for SDGs in post-Covid environment
Main topics Workshop: i) Capacity development and impact of Covid-19, ii) Open source data platforms for SDGs, and iii) Regional reporting and data flows

2021 RFSD: SDGs and COVID: how data and statistics can help build back better (9-17 March 2021)

Webinar - "Leveraging data and statistics for SDG progress" (20 March 2020)

Fourth Expert Meeting and Workshop on Statistics for SDGs (22-28 April 2020)

Main topics: Leave no one behind, Use of statistics for SDGs - beyond indicators, National SDG indicators and VNRs, data transmission

Third Expert Meeting on Statistics for SDGs (15-16 April 2019, Geneva)

Main topics: Data flows for SDG indicators, communication, capacity building, national SDG indicators, Road Map on Statistics for SDGs 2.0

Third Workshop on Developing Statistical Capacity for SDGs (17-18 April 2019, Geneva) 

Main topics: Geospatial Data and methods, Data disaggregation for SDGs, statistical capacity development in EECCA and SEE regions

Workshop on Reporting and Communicating Statistics for SDGs (16-17 April 2018, Geneva)

Main topics: Reporting, Communication and Dissemination of SDGs, Challenges in National and Global Reporting, Implementing SDMX for SDGs, Modernization of NSS in SDG Reporting

Second Expert Meeting on Statistics for SDGs (18-19 April 2018, Geneva) 

Main topics: National Reporting of SDG Statistics, Capacity Development: Gaps, Regional Priorities, and Means, SDG Statistics for Global Reporting

Workshop on Statistics for SDGs for Countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and Southeast Europe (12-13 April 2017, Geneva)

Main topics: Global, regional and national frameworks of SDG indicators, measurement  system of SDGs in the countries

Expert Meeting on Statistics for SDGs (10-12 April 2017, Geneva)

Main topics: National strategies and plans for measuring SDGs, National Reporting on Global SDG indicators, Coordination of statistics for SDGs in the region, Coordination of capacity building

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