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Fourth Expert Meeting and Workshop on Statistics for SDGs (21-24 April 2020)


Third Expert Meeting on Statistics for SDGs (15-16 April 2019, Geneva)

Main  topics: Data flows for SDG indicators, communication, capacity building, national SDG indicators, Road Map on Statistics for SDGs 2.0

Third Workshop on Developing Statistical Capacity for SDGs (17-18 April 2019, Geneva) 

Main  topics: Geospatial Data and methods, Data disaggregation for SDGs, statistical capacity development in EECCA and SEE regions

Workshop on Reporting and Communicating Statistics for SDGs (16-17 April 2018, Geneva)

Main  topics: Reporting, Communication and Dissemination of SDGs, Challenges in National and Global Reporting, Implementing SDMX for SDGs, Modernization of NSS in SDG Reporting

Second Expert Meeting on Statistics for SDGs (18-19 April 2018, Geneva) 

Main  topics: National Reporting of SDG Statistics, Capacity Development: Gaps, Regional Priorities, and Means, SDG Statistics for Global Reporting, 

Workshop on Statistics for SDGs for Countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and Southeast Europe (12-13 April 2017, Geneva)

Main  topics: Global, regional and national frameworks of SDG indicators, measurement  system of SDGs in the countries

Expert Meeting on Statistics for SDGs (10-12 April 2017, Geneva)

Main  topics: National strategies and plans for measuring SDGs, National Reporting on Global SDG indicators, Coordination of statistics for SDGs in the region, Coordination of capacity building


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