The data provider representatives should participate in (or be informed by) groups (e.g. working parties) for the implementation of the SDMX exchange. This fosters the coordination and collaboration with the data collectors, and enables a level of influence on the project (such as pilot feedback).

These meetings will usually involve data providers from different SDMX implementation maturity levels.  Preferably, staff from several disciplines should be present and/or informed of the meeting outcomes: e.g. subject-matter areas, IT, methodology, senior management.

Output of this phase: This is an ongoing phase depending on the meeting calendar of the group(s). The outputs are:

  • Input to the SDMX implementation documents (such as the project plan and maintenance agreement)
  • Information for the data provider in order to implement the SDMX exchange, such as allowing the drafting of internal implementation project plans (the next phase)

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