In relation to COVID-19 Communications the CSO has thus far undertaken the following: 

Initial Press Statement

Our first step was to issue a COVID-19 press statement, outlining our commitment to continuing to publish official statistics during this time as well as flagging what areas may be affected.

Strategic Communications: COVID-19 Landing Page, branding and tailored communications

We developed a COVID-19 landing page to link all COVID-19 affected publications together.  We also created a yellow COVID-19 flagging system on our statistical releases.  This includes an information box which links to any relevant COVID- 19 FAQs, technical notes and press releases.

The landing page also flags any new initiatives such as surveys that we are undertaking to examine the affect of COVID-19  on businesses.

Social Media Campaign to support our Surveys

All of your household surveys have now moved to over the phone surveys. As part of efforts to support the work of our field staff, we have launched an advertising campaign on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linked in, which acknowledges the challenges faced by our household respondents at this time, while encouraging them to participate in our household surveys.    

CSO Linkedin

New Surveys

This week, our Business Statistics Directorate  launched a new survey to measure and report quickly on key features of how the COVID-19 crisis has affected business in Ireland. The survey is being sent to a sample of 3,000 businesses and the information is being collected between Monday 20 and Friday 24 April.
As part of efforts to support this new survey, the Communications and Dissemination division has initiated an advertising campaign on LinkedIn, which acknowledges the challenges faced by our business survey respondents at this time, while encouraging them to participate in our business surveys.

As a further support, we are continuing to post messages across our social media platforms appealing to businesses and the public to continue to respond to CSO surveys in these challenging times.

We are encouraging all our staff to follow CSO on social media and to like and share these posts to maximise their reach. The links to CSO social media platforms are included below.

CSO Linkedin

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