See for details below for how to join WebEx. You might also want to check the Cisco WebEx 'Getting started with WebEx' for videos, guides and step-by-step instructions. If you are a presenter, please see instructions at How to Present During a WebEx

Step 1

Click on the meeting URL link in the email (email with the link will be sent by UNECE few days before the virtual meeting). Make sure you have your audio device (e.g. speaker, headset) connected. You can do a test meeting on your own via CISCO WebEx testing site:

Step 2

Wait for few seconds for WebEx window pops up. This will take you to the meeting page. You can connect to WebEx from any web-browser. For mobile devices, there are apps available (check your app store) that make connecting easier (certain functions may not be available on some mobile devices).

Step 3

 Enter your full name with name of organization/country and email address. For convenience, you can also join using your web-browser by clicking Join by browser. 

Step 4

To ensure smooth proceeding and minimize background noise during the meeting, please mute yourself and turn off your camera (microphone and camera buttons are in red when they are turned off) except when you speak. For audio setting, you can select “using computer for audio”. Click Join meeting.

If you don’t have any of these devices connected (or if you don’t allow Webex to use them), buttons will be disabled like below images. This means you will be able to listen to the meeting (if speaker is connected) but you will not be able to use microphone nor video. Unless you are a presenter, microphone (or video) is not mandatory, no action is required in this case. Click Join meeting.



Step 5

This is the screen you will see as you join the meeting.

To test if you are connected with the right devices, click the “Speaker, Microphone, and Camera” under the “Audio” tab on the top of your meeting screen.

You can choose the speaker, microphone and camera device you want to connect from here.

If you can't hear any sound, the sound quality is bad, or others can't hear you, please find out possible solutions at Webex Audio Troubleshooting.

Useful Functions

Participant List: To see the list with host, presenters and participants in the WebEx meeting, click the participant list button.

Raise Hand: To gain attention from the meeting presenter, click the raise hand button next to your name in the participants list.

Chat: You can send messages during the meeting by using the chat function. If you want to talk to a specific person, please go to participant list and send chat to the person only (otherwise everyone in the meeting can see your message).

Leave: To leave the WebEx room, click X button.

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