NOTE: Updated on 11/11/2020, but depending on your platform, browser or application you are using to connect, it might look different. Webex also updates its interface regularly so information can be outdated.

Participants in a WebEx meetings are asked to use a standardized format for your Participant Name.

Step 1: When you join WebEx, you will be asked to provide "name" and "email".

Step 2: Please use country/organisation, first name and last name as "name" (e.g. Italy_Leonardo da Vinci).

Step 3a: After clicking on next, you will in most cases get the screen where you can join the meeting:

Step 3b: Depending your platform there might be another step:

Step 3c: After selecting Open in step 3b, you have one more chance to change your name. After clicking on your current name (red arrow), you will be back at step 1.

(note that if you have a Webex user account, you might not have this screen where you can change your name. Please click here for a potential solution)

Step 4a (same as step 1):

After clicking Next in step 4a, you are connected and can start checking your audio and video (4b):

Final note: If you have already joined with an incorrect Participant Name, you need to “Leave Meeting”  and re-Join to be able to change your Participant Name

  • You must first Leave a meeting to be able to change your name.
  • You can then Re-Join the meeting with the correct Participant Name
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