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Capabilities and Communication Group
The Capabilities and Communication Group is part of the High-Level Group for the Modernization of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) or ModernStats. It continues the work of the Modernization Committee on Organisational Framework and Evaluation. Please find here the Terms of Reference for 2017. The main focus is on the following activities:
  • Change Management

  • Organisational Frameworks for Collaboration
  • Legal and Licensing
  • Building Competencies
  • Guidelines for Managers including best practice
  • Evaluation including Costs and Benefits
  • Communicating Modernization




Group members
  • Anna Borowska – Chair (Poland)
  • Marie Creedon, Eilish O'Sullivan  (Ireland)
  • Antonio Ottaiano, Fabrizio Rotundi, Marco Tozzi and Alessandro Hinna (Italy)
  • Anne Trolie (Norway)
  • Heli Lehtimaki  (Eurostat)
  • Ben Whitestone (UK)
  • Stela Derivolcov (Moldova)
  • Josue Hiram Suarez , Alfonso Tejeida Hernandez, Rocio Flores and Alberto Valencia (Mexico)
  • Tetyana Kolomiyets, Therese Lalor (UNECE Secretariat)




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