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  • Workshop on Integrating Geospatial and Statistical Standards 2017
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Joint UNECE/UN-GGIM Workshop on Integrating Geospatial and Statistical Standards, November 6-8 in Stockholm, Sweden

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Information Notice 1 (uploaded 3 March, 2017)

Information Notice 2 (uploaded 6 October, 2017)

New Agenda (printable version)

This workshop will be organized as part of the Conference of European Statisticians’ work programme for 2017, within the context of the High Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics. At the kind invitation of Statistics Sweden, it will take place at Stockholm, Sweden from 6-8 November 2017.

The objective of this workshop is to create an opportunity to highlight how geospatial data sources, methods, and standards can be integrated into the production of official statistics, and to identify a plan for future collaboration to support integration and interoperability of statistical and geospatial standards.

The workshop will provide an overview of the statistical and geospatial standards and models most relevant to this objective, including standards developed by the High Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics1 as well as work toward a Statistical Geospatial Framework. It will also showcase recent developments in this area and identify challenges and solutions.

The target audience for this workshop includes experts:

  1. On statistical and geospatial metadata;
  2. On technical standards relevant to the modernisation of statistics; and
  3. From national mapping, cadastral, statistical or environmental agencies.





Sessions and Session organizers
  • Session 1: Introduction to Statistical and Geospatial Standards and Models

Klas Blomqvist and Luis Gerardo Esparza

  • Session 2: Examples of integrating Statistical and Geospatial Standards and Models

Marie Haldorson and Dr. Janusz Dygaszewicz

  • Session 3: Challenges and solutions for creating Geospatial Statistical Outputs

Ekkehard Petri and Timothy Trainor

  • Session 4: Future Work relevant to Statistical and Geospatial Standards

Carol Agius and Martin Brady


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