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From Statistics Finland

3) Incorporate the distinction between abstract/conceptual models describing statistical production in general and logical models describing specific workflows.

4) Improve the model's ability to describe iterations and parallel workflows.

5) Make recommendations on how to use the model in workflow modeling.
Provide concrete examples.
- Please leave room for the use of different modeling notations such as BPMN and UML.

6) Possibly define a set of possible roles for modeling.
- These should be used in swimlane diagrams.
- Common role definitons would be useful when discussing processes internationally.

7) Alternatively, possibly extend the model to incorporate business services (internal and external)
- Such as administrative data receipt servise, which could be decentralized
or centralized.
- This would help to abstract away functional structures when comparing
different organisations.
- Admittedly this is probably too ambitious.






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