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Add microdata to titles


5.1   Integrate data


5.1   Integrate micro-data

5.2   Classify and code


5.2   Classify and code micro-data

5.3   Review, validate and edit


5.3   Edit micro-data

5.4   Impute


5.4   Impute micro-data





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  1. ABS comment

    We disagree with using this term as may not mean the same to all organisations (e.g. we tend to associate it with very low level units like individuals, households, businesses, transactions).  Perhaps the term 'inputs' is more encompassing of both micro and macro level data inputs being processed in this phase?


    1. I agree with this statement, but would say that I think it is important that the official statistics community try to reach agreement on what microdata and macrodata mean, as they are so widely used. It will be interesting to see if anything related to this comes out of GSIM discussions on unit vs dimensional data structures (although I think it more likely that they will arrive at unit/dimensional rather than micro/macro).

      1. And don't forget mesodata (& potentially paradata)

  2. Keep existing titles.

  3. I agree with some of the earlier comments – even within a particular data program the sense in which it is micro- or macro data may vary according to context. As a general principle, if a sub process ca apply (with relevant differences in the work to be done) to both micr and macro data collection then the distinction is probably not necessary.

  4. We have not defined mirco data in GSIM

  5. 8/10: Based on voting, no chage to be made