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Consistently describe the relationship between GSIM and GSBPM as explained in the GSIM brochure:

  1. Add language and diagrams into GSBPM documentation to show how it links to GSIM (create joint documentation of this for GSBPM and GSIM?).
  2. More clearly describe the pivot point between GSIM and GSBPM, and how this can be modeled.
  3. Define a road map for future integration of GSBPM and GSIM into a coherent documentation package.        


From GSIM brochure:

What is the relationship between GSIM and GSBPM?

GSIM and GSBPM are complementary models for the production and management of statistical information. GSBPM models the statistical production process and identifies the activities undertaken by producers of official statistics that result in information outputs. These activities are broken down into sub-processes, such as “Impute” and “Calculate aggregates”. GSIM models information that flows between these sub- processes.


Greater value will be obtained from both models if they are applied together. Nevertheless, just as GSBPM has been applied to date without GSIM, it is possible (although not ideal) to apply GSIM without GSBPM, or an organization-specific model derived from GSBPM.




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  1. The Log has Object/issue "Alignment with GSIM terms and mention GSIM where needed". I agree that we should mention GSIM where needed, but I think that much of the success of GSBPM has been in the vagueness of the terms so that everyone can map it to their reality and their language. The GSIM should of course be much more precise, but the terms used are much less familiar to the GSBPM stakeholders. I think the "Alignment with GSIM terms" should be made in GSIM, not GSBPM. This could occur by mentioning GSBPM terms in the 'synonyms' of GSIM terms. In many cases one GSBPM term will map to many GSIM terms. More correctly, the GSBPM terms are broader than the GSIM ones, but that is precisely what we need for our GSBPM audience.