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Statistics Sweden

Seasonal adjustment should be enhanced by adding such a sub-process

  • Somewhat related to this, we suggest that ‘Seasonal adjustment’ is distinguished as a sub-process of its own. This is a distinctive activity with a particular competence needed and special software utilized.
  • This should be added to Phase 6 (after prepare draft outputs/calculate aggregates






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  1. ABS comment

    We disagree, as it's too hard to distinguish from 'Prepare draft outputs'.  There are also other types of processes like preparing chain volume measures in national accounts, which won't be highlighted.  We think this is really a lower level process under 'Prepare draft outputs'.

  2. In SSB, we mention seasonal adjustments in the text for 6.1 prepare draft outputs.

    Suggest adding this as a bullet point in 6.1

  3. I recognise the point of separate expertise and tools. I wonder about the desired level of granularity and on the clarity of the remaining categories. I have no final opinion.

  4. 12/11: Not agreed to add a sub process. It is already mentioned in the text.