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We think that in the name of subprocess 3.5 should be clarified that the field test or pilot is included. It could be changed in “Field test (or pilot) of the statistical business process”






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  1. ABS comment

    If people agree to keep this sub-process then the proposed name is ok if changed slightly to start with a verb (e.g. Conduct field test of statistical business process). However, we'd prefer this sub-process were removed as the pilot testing described here is much broader than one sub-process, as it requires other GSBPM processes to also be undertaken (e.g. analysis of results, evaluation, etc.).  These larger scale tests be conducted as separate statistical business processes utilizing all the relevant parts of the broader GSBPM.  Smaller scale testing of instruments only should be part of the 'Build data collection instrument sub-process'.

  2. I do not support the change of 3.5 "Test Statisticial Business Processes" to the above 'field test .....' concept as this is too closely aligned with a survey perspective and also misses the concept that you can actually test systems with dummy data etc.

  3. Keep 3.5 Test statistical business processes

  4. 8/10: Based on votes, no change to be made