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Our understanding on subprocess “4.4. Finalize collection” is that it is mainly represented by the data entry activity. If we are interpreting in a correct way, it seems to us that the wording that is being used is a little bit misleading (might be interpreted as the activity of sending the questionnaires to the units for their compilation), and we would suggest to use the wording “data entry”. In addition, as well known in the literature on data quality, data entry can be a source of processing errors, and it seems to us that would be more correct to place this activity under phase “5.Process”.

Istat also suggests to rename the sub-process 4.4Data memorisation” so as to align the denomination with its description.






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  1. ABS comment

    We agree the data entry example is unclear.  We think 4.4 is supposed to be focussed on covering electronic loading of data, including scanning of paper forms.  Manual data entry is probably part of 4.3 Run Collection.


  2. The issue is closely related to more mode neutral wording. It should be clear where data entry is to be put.

  3. 12/11: Clarify the wording of this sub process.