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From the StatCan Administrative Data Secretariat:
As part of the Statistical Network (on Methodologies for an Integrated Use of Administrative Data in the Statistical Process – The one IStat chairs), we are currently categorizing the use of administrative data in the statistical process and see if this can be mapped to GSBPM.
The following SN project charter states that action:
Mapping how administrative data can be used into a statistical production process, e.g. applying the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) as the foundation. This explorative activity should also provide an overview of the most common informative framework the NSI faces to produce statistical information.
This work is headed by the ABS under our SN. Although this work is supposed to be done this fall, there is a chance that it may require more time. That would be a great input to you but could come late.
Proposal to GSBPM Revision Task Team:
Create a number of use cases or profiles illustrating the practical use of GSBPM outside the model itself and that could be added after the Dec 2013 deadline:
Add the admin data is as a use case/profile of GSBPM at a later date (by SN Methodologies for an Integrated Use of Administrative Data in the Statistical Process)
Add the Business Register profile of GSBPM written by Steve Vale
Add a use case for microdata: Comment from the Business Statistics Field: the GSBPM is silent on the question of micro data access, an important element for several statistical programs in the social field and a growing activity for business statistics programs. More ONS seem to be devoting more efforts towards it. It is my understanding that Heather and Alice are in some ways involved in providing input to international bodies precisely on the question of expanding the GSBPM to add some content to it to cover micro data access.






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