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Processes relating to managing a statistical production project/process in the GSBPM are currently included in Specify Needs (preparing business cases), Collect (setting up the collection), or as an overarching Project Management process.  In managing established production projects, there is a need to manage deliverables (e.g. timetables), people (e.g. recruitment and training), and finances for the entire project, not just for the Collect related processes (where they feature most strongly).  ABS staff prefer that these processes be pulled out of the individual phases, and put into an overarching 'Manage production project' phase.  In addition, there would be initiation processes needed for new or enhanced production projects that could be added to this phase.  This initiation of the production project could include 1.6 Prepare Business Case.






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  1. Could be linked to the discussion on the overarching processes quality and metadata management

  2. There are already "more general over-arching processes" (see page 4; par. 14). For this reason,  it is not necessary to add new ones but to make them more explicit, grouping them into a general "Strategy" over-arching process that has to be included also into the graphical scheme.

    After a careful reading of this current version of GSBPM, it emerges clearly that it is possible to extract a model that can be applied to Strategy activities from the so-called over-arching processes. For this reason, it is necessary to make this more explicit so as to use this “additional” over-arching process also for the alignment activity related to the Business Architecture model which is being implemented within different National Statistical Institutes/Organisations.

  3. 30/9 - Project management is listed in paragraph 14 as a dot point. The idea of managing as projects might be alien to a number of statistical organisations. 

    Canada has active management and uses central project management.