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In its future strategies for Disseminate the ABS would prefer that all statistical content preparation and loading were done by the end of the Analyse phase.  We suggest the addition of a sub-process called 'Explain Outputs', where commentary and related supporting documents explaining the data outputs are compiled in preparation for release to clients.  Note that in making this suggestion we'd also remove the current 6.3 Scrutinize and Explain process, as staff have found the distinction between 6.2 and 6.3 to be confusing.  In the ABS, the in-depth scrutinizing and explaining of particular outputs, and assessment of how well the statistics meet expectations, is all part of validating the outputs.

A recommended change of focus from the GSBPM in the future is also the delivery of client driven interactive dissemination services, not just static products, via range of channels to a range of devices.  This would allow the dynamic assembly and release of products and services from signed off content already in dissemination stores to occur in a much more flexible manner in the Disseminate phase.  This change would also increase alignment with GSIM where (static/packaged) products and (dynamic) services are distinguished, and ensure the GSBPM aligns more clearly with strategic directions for modernization which were agreed internationally in 2011, two years after GSBPM 4.0.






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  1. I see the point that it is hard to separate 6.2 and 6.3. The result of step 6.2 is in my view a go/no-go desicion on the publication, whereas 6.3 offers the justification for this desicion. For me it feels natural to combine them, although I recognise that decisions can be taken without justification.

  2. I'm not sure that it's a change in the scope of the Disseminate phase, but I agree that recognizing user-driven dissemination activity is important (see my proposal for a Dissemination Services sub-process).

  3. 15/10: 

    You do get the material for output during the analyse phase.

    Capturing the analysis in text is done for the dissemination "container". Contents is created for dissemination.

    Add something about self service by data users in Disseminate. There is some collating of data for the users to select from. See the subprocess suggestion from Gareth.