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GSBPM 5.0 is under review right now and final proposal for revised GSBPM is expected in June, 2018. 

For the overview of the issues under discussion, see: 


Comments or questions about the GSBPM? Ideas for revision? Experiences to share? 

Use this discussion forum to share your thoughts.

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Page: Issue #1: Proposal to add design of communication strategy to phase 2 Page: Issue #2: Classification Page: Issue #3: Metadata and Quality Management - Overarching GSBPM area versus separate GAMSO area Page: Issue #4: Over-arching processes Page: Issue #5: Mapping GSBPM Overarching processes to GAMSO (from Franck Cotton) Page: Issue #6: Minor changes to text Page: Issue #7: Synergies with other Modernisation Standards Page: Issue #8: Changes to text descriptions to better reflect admin data use within GSBPM Page: Issue #9: 5.5. Derive new variables and units Page: Issue #10: Clickable GSBPM? Page: Issue #11: Suggest new text for 5.6 Calculate Weights Page: Issue #12: Suggested new text for 5.7 Calculate aggregates Page: Issue #13: Suggested new text for 5.8 Finalise data files Page: Issue #14: Suggested new text for 2.3 Design collection Page: Issue #15: Assemble or Build Page: Issue #16: Proposal for additional text in 4.1 and in 4.3 Page: Issue #17: Proposal to change text descriptions of Phase 5 Process and 5.1 Integrate data Page: Issue #18: Proposal to change the name of 5.5: Derive new variables and units Page: Issue #19: Things that came up at the Workshop on Implementing Standards for Statistical Modernisation (21–23 September 2016) Page: Issue #20: Is there any feedback from MEMOBUST? Page: Issue #21: Version 6...? Page: Issue #22: Metadata Management - GSBPM and GAMSO Page: Issue #23: GSBPM and GAMSO Page: Issue #24: Comment on sub-process 2.2 Page: Issue #25: Quality - where does it go? Page: Issue #26: Comment on sub-process 1.3 Page: Issue #27: Geospatial components in GSBPM Page: Issue #28: Levels of detail in GSBPM Page: Issue #29: Legal aspects in GSBPM Page: Issue #30: Comment on 1.6 Prepare business case Page: Issue #31: Comment on para 113 of GSBPM Page: Issue #32: Definition of quality requirements Page: Issue #33: Comment on the first phase Page: Issue #34 Merge of sub-processes 1.1-1.3 Page: Issue #35: Split sub-process 4.3 Run Collection into separate collection processes Page: Issue #36: Define more precise boundary between Phase 4 (Collection) and Sub-process 5.1 (Integrate data) Page: Issue #37: Data editing precedes sub-process 5.3 (review & validate) Page: Issue #38: Update outgoing url Page: Issue #39: Change visual representation of GSBPM to make it look less linear Page: Issue #40: Add annex of GSBPM adaptations (e.g. national accounts) Page: Issue #41: On data integration (sub-process 5.1) Page: Issue #42: To provide some guidance on link between GSBPM and GSIM Page: Issue #43: Imbalance in terms of tasks across sub-processes (Phase 2 and Phase 3) Page: Issue #44: GSBPM is too survey collection oriented Page: Issue #45: Interfaces between statistical production and corporate Page: Issue #46: Integrated tasks can be classified in different phases depending on point of view Page: Issue #47: Additional documentation specifying which tasks are included in which subprocess of GSBPM Page: Issue #48: Better alignment in terminologies Page: Issue #49: GSBPM when final product is a register Page: Issue #50: GSBPM is a capability model rather than a process model Page: Issue #51: Analyse Phase is too output-oriented Page: Issue #52: Does the model address the need to get full value from data? Page: Issue #53: GSBPM does not reflect an architectural phase Page: Issue #54: External data collection by data suppliers Page: Issue #55: Need to monitor changes in processing completed by data supplier Page: Issue #56: To incorporate commercial/open/big data Page: Issue #57: GSBPM does not reflect the National Accounts statistical process Page: Issue #58: Statistical Methods need abstracting Page: Issue #59: To add specification of weighting data Page: Issue #60: To add more details about management of business register in GSBPM or GAMSO Page: Issue #61: Description of non-survey source is generic in sub-process 4.2 Page: Issue #62: Alignment with SIMS and ESS EA Page: Issue #63: Comment on sub-process 5.7-6.2 Page: Issue #64: Suggestion to distinguish sub-processes 3.4 and 3.5