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In the future ABS Business Architecture, the archiving and disposal of statistical data and metadata do not have their own high level phase.  Processes aimed at delivering shared and re-usable standards and system components have been removed from the Statistical Production model, as they need to be managed as overarching capabilities (e.g. developing and managing organization level archiving/disposal policies, managing archival and disposal stores, etc.). Once these overarching processes are removed there are still a few processes which remain, but they can be added to the phases where they are most relevant.  For example, designing the archiving strategy/rules for the particular statistical production process/project fits under the Design phase, the act of archiving should largely be done automatically from implementing a range of activities, not just at the end of the project.  Preserving disseminated products & services to ensure they are automated and quality assured for 'long term' support by another area fits at the end of the Disseminate phase.




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