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  • How to contribute to the repository

Do you want to inform colleagues of ongoing or completed work in establishment statistics?

This repository aims at gathering contributions on methods and applications in establishment statistics that is scattered around or perhaps even unpublished, but also welcomes published work.

What do you need?

  1. A pdf version of the document
    1. links can be given in addition to documents, but we discourage links as the only way of referencing to the works as the links may change and are beyond control; the repository relies on a locally saved document.
  2. The following information:
    1. Names of all the authors, affiliation for the first author
    2. Title and keywords for the document
    3. Document date: (approximately) when the document has been completed (please use format yyyy-mm-dd to support sorting)
    4. Document status: for instance published paper, internal report, presentation, etc.

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