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  • ENBES Session at the RSS Conference 2014 (Sheffield) - Data Collection Challenges in Establishment Surveys
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At 2 September 2014 ENBES organised an invited session on “Data Collection Challenges in Establishment Surveys” at the 2014 international conference of the Royal Statistical Society.

The session started with a presentation on response burden in establishment surveys by Jacqui Jones (UK Office for National Statistics). The second presentation by Deirdre Giesen (Statitics Netherlands) gave an overview of questionnaire testing and evaluation in establishment surveys. Finally, Mojca Bavdaž (University of Ljubljana) presented findings of several studies (experiments in Slovenia and Sweden, studies in the Netherlands) that made an attempt at improving the business response behaviour by motivating them through various kinds of communication efforts. Co-authors of this last presentation were Johan Erikson (Statistics Sweden), Boris Lorenc (Statistics Sweden) and Ger Snijkers (Statistics Netherlands).

Response Burden - Jacqui Jones.pdf

Questionnaire Testing and Evaluation in Establishment Surveys - Deirdre Giesen.pdf

Increasing Motivation - Mojca Bavdaz.pdf

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