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Welcome to the space of ENBES

News and Events

Read about what's new in ENBES as well as access pages and materials from past ENBES events: papers and presentation slides from EESW19 are available; dates and place for EESW21 have been set:

September 14-17, 2021, in the Hague, the Netherlands; and more.

Scientific Repository

Contribute your paper or report, or browse through other people's research. To contribute, please send an email to the scientific repository editors,

Topical Papers

Read about papers which may be of interest in the current climate: Topical PapersIf you have any papers or reports which would be suitable, please send an email to to contribute.

Other contributions are also welcome, and if suitable will be displayed here: Opinions on Topical Issues.

Additionally, you can find general information about ENBES in the About ENBES section of the space.

Stay in touch!

ENBES sends out occasional newsletters providing information about ENBES and selected developments in the field of establishment statistics. If you want to receive our newsletter, please join our email list by clicking anywhere in this text, and you  will be taken to our form.


To reach out to ENBES, just write to

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