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3. Environment and multi-domain statistics (LG)
3.1 Environment

Environmental Accounts

On-going methodological work:

The Group continues its efforts in advancing methodologies in environmental-economic accounting. In particular, it is contributing to the revision of the SEEA. Mark de Haan of Statistics Netherlands has been elected for a second terms as the Chair of the London Group during the 11th London Group meeting (New York 2006).
The London Group has addressed all the issues in the list of issues for the SEEA revision and has agreed on 18 out of 23 issues. In particular it has formulated recommendations on issues of depletion of natural resources, linking energy statistics, energy balances and energy accounts, harmonization of the SEEA with material flow accounting, classification of physical flows, classification of land cover and land use. It is still discussing issues related to the classification of assets.

Priority objectives:

The London Group's priority objectives are to continue contributing to the revision of the SEEA.

New activities:

As part of the SEEA revision process, the London Group will:
• Prepare, review and comment on outcome papers and draft chapters as they become available
• Contribute to the development of Volume 3 on the applications of the SEEA
• Contribute to the development of Volume 2 on Ecosystem accounting and valuation of ecosystem assets and services being led by the EEA and the World Bank respectively .


In order to meet its objectives, the London Group has increased the frequency of its meetings. The 14th Meeting took place in April 2009 (Canberra) and the 15th meeting in December 2009 (Wiesbaden). The next meeting of the Group is scheduled to take place in the second half of 2010.
More information can be found at the London Group website:

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