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1. Demographic and social statistics (WHO Europe)

Environment and Health

  • Periodic technical meetings on methodological issues in environment and health assessments as well as the statistical data which serve as input for the EH indicators system.


  • 3rd meeting of the principal investigators of the participating countries in the WHO European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative.
  • 2nd meeting of the national information focal points for the joint WHO/EC monitoring project.

Health Accounts

  • A workshop for CIS countries will be conducted in 2009 or early 2010. The workshop will contribute to increased networking among health accountants in the participating countries, knowledge sharing and methodological development.

1. Demographic and social statistics (UNECE STAT)

  • Joint UNECE/WHO/Eurostat Work Session on the Measurement of Health Status (second half of 2009).

2. Economic statistics (UNECE STAT)

  • Seminar on national accounts and related macroeconomic statistics: raising the awareness of main users, Albania.
  • Seminar on 2008 SNA and related economic statistics in two CIS countries (Belarus and possibly Tajikistan).
  • Inter-secretariat Working Group on Transport Statistics (UNECE, International Transport Forum and Eurostat). Two to three meetings per year, with the location rotating between Geneva, Paris and Luxembourg.
  • Informal meetings on statistics on transportation by buses and coaches.

3. Environment and multi-domain statistics (UNECE STAT)

  • First Meeting of the Task Force on Statistics for Sustainable Development, Spring 2009.
  • Joint UNECE/UNSD training workshop on environmental indicators for CIS and SEE countries, April/May 2009.
  • Meeting of the GGP Consortium Board in spring 2009.
  • Meeting of the GGP International Working Group in autumn 2009.

4. Methodology of data collection, processing, dissemination and analysis (UNECE STAT)

  • Training workshop for SEE countries (subject to availability of funding).
  • Work session on statistical disclosure control, in cooperation with Eurostat (late 2009).
  • Inter-secretariat Working Group on Forest Sector Statistics (membership: UNECE, FAO, Eurostat, ITTO, OECD, EEA, CEC). Annual meetings.
  • Inter-Secretariat Working Group on Forest Policies and Institutions (membership: UNECE, FAO, MCPFE). Meetings about once - twice a year.
  • Meetings of the Teams of Specialists.
  • UNECE Working Group on Ageing, autumn 2009.

5. Strategic and managerial issues of official statistics (UNECE STAT)

  • Spring and autumn 2009: two meetings of the Leadership Group of the WGGNA.
  • Workshop on implementing PC-Axis in CIS countries - Central Asia, first quarter 2009.
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