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Page: 1.1 Population and migration (Eurostat) (DISA)
... Theme 1.01 Population 1. Description Developments in demographic and migration statistics are driven by an increased policy focus on the longrun socioeconomic impacts of demographic change ... method for the calculation of life expectancy by socioeconomic group; Implement a programme for the quality assurance of ...
28 Jan, 2009
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Page: 1.1 Population and migration (OECD) (DISA)
... incl. non OECD countries) Data management: As regards to the OECD Database on International Migration, metadata are planned to be centrally stored in MetaStore shortly. Population projections Purpose Create a population projections database to achieve transparency in the use of population projections within OECD ...
30 Jan, 2009
Page: 1.1 Population and migration (UN Population Division) (DISA)
... work in the fields of fertility; contraceptive use; mortality including HIV/AIDS; internal migration; international migration; population growth and ageing; the interrelationship of population, resources, environment and development, including social and economic aspects; and studies on population and development policies related to the above
29 Jan, 2009
Page: 1.1 Population and migration (IOM) (DISA)
... policies and programmes. For more information please contact Central European Forum for Migration and Population Research: Aims: Conduct research in the field of international migration statistics; Contribute to the efforts towards more reliable and harmonised statistics on international migration ...
30 Jan, 2009
Page: 1.1 Population and migration (ILO) (DISA)
... Survey Network (IHSN) for the development of their Question Bank, particularly with regards to the use of the labour migration questions tested in ILO's migration module. Data collection: The International Migration Data Base has been largely revised and will continue to be updated in 2009, in close ...
29 Jan, 2009
Page: 1.1 Population and migration (UNECE STAT) (DISA)
... promoting them across the UNECE region. Work in this area is coordinated by the Steering Group on Migration statistics and conducted according to the Work Plan to Improve International Migration Statistics. Purpose Increase availability and improve quality of migration data derived from population censuses
29 Jan, 2009
Page: 1.1 Population and migration (UN Statistics Division) (DISA)
... flows and stock from various sources. Conduct training workshop on measuring international migration through population censuses. Migrant stock data that were collected through the Demographic Yearbook (DYB ... ...
30 Jan, 2009
Page: 1.1 Population and migration (UNHCR) (DISA)
... MDGs. Specific attention will be paid to methods to improve data collection on internally displaced populations (IDPs). UNHCR will continue to promote the population census as a method to collect estimates on refugees and stateless persons. Third intake of the Operational ...
30 Jan, 2009
Page: 1.1 Population and migration (CIS-STAT) (DISA)
... pilot censuses. New Activities: Preparation of methodological principals on the problems of updating current population statistics data on the basis of the results of 2010 population censuses and calculation of sex and age structure of population during the intercensus period. Reverted from v. 4
14 Mar, 2014
Page: All demographic and social statistics activities (UNECE STAT) (DISA)
... 1.1 Population and migration 1.2 Labour 1.4 Health 1.5 Income and consumption 1.8 Justice and crime ...
24 Jan, 2009
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