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Data integration provides the potential to produce more timely, more disaggregated statistics at higher frequencies than traditional approaches alone.  In 2015, the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics recognised that official statistics organisations were challenged by the capacities needed to incorporate new data sources in their statistical production processes.

This is the ModernStats public-access wiki space for UNECE work relating to Data Integration for Official Statistics. It contains information about Data Integration activities and links to relevant resources. A separate restricted wiki space exists for those working on the HLG-MOS projects on Data Integration in Official Statistics.

UNECE Work related to Data Integration
June 2017Data Integration Sprint held in Belgrade, Serbia
January 2017

2016 Project outputs released.

The HLG-MOS and representatives of expert groups review the progress so far on the 2016 Data Integration project, and decide to continue the project in 2017

November 2016Project Proposal for HLG 2017: Develop a practical online Guide to Data Integration for Official Statistics and undertake specific experiments on priority areas
November 2016Data Integration Mini Course: Building a practical guide to Data Integration for Official Statistics, held at IBGE Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
August 2016Data Integration Sprint held in Budapest
November 2015Data Integration Project proposal proposed by the Modernisation Committee on Products and Sources at 2015 HLG Workshop in The Hague

Types and Stages of Data Integration
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A Guide to Data Integration for Official Statistics:
Lessons Learned and Best Practices


2016 HLG Data Integration Project:
Project Overview and Results


2017 HLG Data Integration Project:
Project Proposal and current activities







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