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Fitting within the broader scope of our Collections Strategy, Statistics New Zealand is trying to put together a "Respondent Experience Strategy".

The basic driver behind the work is the maintenance of a willing supply of information (aligning with the "improving the respondent experience" topic from the 2013 UNECE seminar on statistical data collection).

We intend to look at the key aspects that make up the overall respondent experience and identify which aspects we should focus on improving, acknowledging that this may be different for some groups. The desired outcomes are that people find it easier to do business with us and feel they get more out of the interaction, and therefore, are more willing to give us their information. (Although our legislation states that respondents are legally obliged to answer our data requests, we do not have a strong history of enforcement, and so wish to look at ways of maintaining a willing supply.)

We are particularly interested in any information that could help us put together this strategy, with a broad view of respondents ranging from social/household to business to administrative data providers. Inputs that would be particularly helpful include strategic documents on respondent/customer experience, while more detailed information (such as research or evidence on how respondents react to/feel about requests from a National Statistics Office and any key elements that influence response rates) would also help.

As we proceed, we'll be happy to share findings and/or our chosen approaches.

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