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1.1 Surveys and sources

The Data Collection Division is responsible for preparing data collection, implementing data collection and communicating with reporting units, taking over administrative sources, data capture and manual micro-level editing. For surveys on persons and households, we also manage the interviewers (recruitment, control and instructions). For the last four years our main and primary data source are administrative sources. If we do not find the data in administrative source, then we check the possibility of collection from primary source. We always measure financial resources in our surveys and try to keep them as low as possible.

1.2 Census or equivalent

For the Population census we have used administrative sources, whilst for the last Farm census we collected data on the field. We did completely register-based Population census in 2011 which has established several good solutions, but we are going to continue with the process improvement. The objective is to get administrative data through a single point and lean the organisation of data editing and use of data by different divisions with taking into account data confidentiality.

1.3 Modes of collection, mode effects and use of mixed-mode collection

We conduct face-to-face interviews and telephone interviews for demographic and social statistics; internet and paper data collections for business statistics. We use mostly secondary or administrative sources.

We manage modes with address lists created from the Population register and the Business Register. We introduced a new system into the production process in mid-2009. The system enabled us to prepare address lists in a common place for all surveys.
For the business entities we can track in which surveys it is included and the mode of reporting. It holds the information for tracking eligibility codes of entities and enables further development in this part of the data collection process. We can get eligibility code also from Business Register and we are assessing which one is better. Do you have any experiences with this?

1.4 Examples

For data collection from administrative sources we use different channels e.g. replication in government network (mainly Oracle), web services, FTP transfer, physical information holders (CD's, USB, ...), etc.



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