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Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia






Mojca Noč Razinger

email address:


14 Mar 2013

(Mojca Noč Razinger)


Background and Context

We have published Description of Statistical Survey Processes on our internet site

The description is based on GSBPM model and adjusted to our workflow. The major adjustments we have done are:

  • We have excluded Archiving since this process is under development in our NSI.
  • We have changed Build with Selection of observation units.
  • We have changed also a lot of sub processes.

Some additional actions:

  • We have appointed process caretakers. Their task is to follow the changes in processes and change the descriptions accordingly.
  • We have conducted the training for staff in NSI and it will be used in training of new staff.
  • We are gathering our internal recommendations and guidelines according to this description.


  • Create Wiki in our intranet site where everyone could contribute the changes. So the description will live.
  • Prepare some Methodological books which will describe the sub process into detail.
  • Incorporate emerging workflows with new data collection modes e.g. e-reporting.

I would like to know if you created your own Process Model? How did you changed GSBPM? Do you have any suggestions or comments on our model? What did you do with the model to stay in use?




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