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Good practices in Statistical Data Collection

This page is a place for the community of people working in data collection in national and international statistical institutes to share knowledge, experience, ideas and resources.  It is under development and will evolve according to the level of interest it generates and the amount of use made of the resources.

Seminars and Workshops:
Information and Documents of UNECE Workshops on Statistical Data Collection

Coming Soon: Sharing Services and Good Practices.


The 2018 Data Collection Workshop 'Resourceful Data Aquisition' was held from 10 to 12 October in Geneva at the United Nations facilities at the Palais des Nations.

The programme of the workshop consisted of the following substantive topics:

  • Innovating survey design;
  • Optimize the use of existing sources;
  • Modernise data collection infrastructures;
  • Capabilities and management; and
  • Partnerships in data acquisition and collective projects.

By 19 July, 24 abstracts were submitted.  Papers and presentations are available on the documents page of this website.

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