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Effective communication is essential for maintaining the relevance of official statistics and maximising the value to society. Increasingly, users want answers to questions based on data.  Statistical organisations can produce statistics that are more effective and can add value to products by putting the data in context and telling the broader stories.

The task

A hackathon is an intensive problem-solving event. In this case, the focus is on statistical content and effective communication. The teams will be challenged to “Create a user-oriented product that tells a story about the younger population”. During the Hackathon, fifteen teams from nine countries had 64.5 hours to create a product that tells a story about the younger population. The teams were multidisciplinary - with members from statistical offices and other government departments. The product created should be innovative, engaging, and targeted towards the general public (that is, not specialists). There was no limit on the form of the product, but the teams had to include a mandatory SDG indicator in the product. 

The mandatory indicator was "Proportion of youth (aged 15-24 years) not in education, employment or training" SDG indicator (Indicator 8.6.1).

Four “winning” teams will be asked to present their product at relevant modernisation and SDG meetings (For example, the HLG MOS Workshop in November 2017 or the CES Plenary Session in June 2018). The "winning" teams will be announced on Friday 15 September. The “winning” teams will be chosen based on combination of scores from the Evaluation Panel and the popular vote. 





 Kiwi Jam - for a "Shiny" narrative with "NEET" graphics


 Polish Statistical Crew - for outstanding visual appeal


 SDGs Mexico - for a thought evoking presentation


 Mexican Storytellers - for an engaging story in a fun package.




Workers hacktime

"Not Earning or Learning"

US Bialystok

NEETs problem in Poland

US Bialystok.pdf

Team Eurostat

Being young in Europe today




NEET: Not Working Nor Studying

Kiwi Jam

Global to local: opportunities for our youth

Polish Statistical Crew

Who NEETs really are?

Team Ireland



Team Olivier Godard



Information about the team

SDGs Mexico

Do all youth not at school or in

training and unemployed, are idle?

Team Stephanie Maillet

Team Hungary

"How probable.....? Game"

Mexican Storytellers

Proportion of youth

(aged 15-24 years) NEET

Great Hack Forwards

"Global Village"

Team Tabitha Williams

Be an SDG Changemaker

Team GeoStorm

Youth in the United Kingdom

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