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Blue Sky Thinking Network

Collaborative platform for sharing innovative ideas in statistics

The Blue Sky Thinking Network is the “ideas factory” for the statistical modernisation community. The network provides a research and innovation platform where members can share ideas and look for partners to explore how new innovations to our production process can benefit statistical organisations. The Network aims to identify and evaluate new opportunities and to produce reports, CSPA compliant software or proposals for futher work.

On this platform new activities can be submitted for review. When accepted, they are posted to get support. When supported, an evaluation project will start. The status of the proposals and the ultimate outcome of the process can be found here too.
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Machine Learning [ ML ]
The Machine Learning Team led to agreement to elaborate four topics; three of them can be considered case studies, the fourth one is more generic.
  • Scanner data: mapping UPCs onto a statistical product classification.
  • Websites: extracting information on economic activity and other relevant characteristics from companies' sites.
  • Admin data: applying ML techniques to such datasets to obtain new information
  • Methodology: defining a framework and/or guidelines for applying ML techniques to avoid reinventing the wheel for every case.
  • Wesley Yung (Canada)
  • Jukka Karkimaa (Finland)
  • Giulio Barcarolli (Italy)
  • Monica Scannapieco (Italy)
  • Piero Falorsi (Italy)
  • Sofie de Broe (Netherlands)
  • Bart Buelens (Netherlands)
  • Joep Burger (Netherlands)



Contact Information
Innovation Manager:Barteld Braaksmabbka at cbs dot nl
Network Support:Heini Salonenheini.salonen at unece dot org






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