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Page: Australia (ABS) - Social Linked (semantic) Data Processing for Various Statistical Uses Page: Central Statistical Office of Poland - Estimating demand on labour market by analysing job offer portals Page: ESCAP - Developing a Curriculum and Training Modules on Using Big Data for Official Statistics Page: Eurostat - Feasibility study on the use of mobile positioning data for tourism statistics Page: Eurostat - Multi-purpose consumer price statistics, sub-project Scanner Data/Web Scraping Page: Italy (Istat) - Internet as a Data Source for ICT Usage by Enterprises and Public Institutions Page: Italy (Istat) - Persons and Places: Mobility Estimates based on Mobile Phone Data Page: Italy (Istat) - Specific purpose geographic basins and population statistics using mobile phone tracking data Page: Italy (Istat) - Use of scanner data for consumer price index Page: Mexico (INEGI) - Tweet Analysis Page: National Bureau of Statistics of China - Big Data Enterprise Statistical Indicator Ten-day Report Page: National Bureau of Statistics of China - Online Price Changes of Means of Production in Circulation Area in Shandong Zhuochuang Page: Romania National Statistical Institute (INS) - Using scanner data Page: Statistics Canada - Non-Residential Buildings Inventory: Feasibility Study Page: Statistics Finland - Traffic sensor data for commuting statistics Page: Statistics South Africa - Assessing use of scanner data for compiling the Consumer Price Index Page: Switzerland (FSO) - Price collection with scanner data Page: UK (ONS) Housing Website data to help improve address register Page: UK (ONS) Webscraped prices for price indices Page: UNECE HLG Big Data Project 2014 - Sandbox Task Team Social Media - Sentiment Analysis Page: UNECE HLG Big Data Project 2014 - Sandbox Task Team Traffic Loops Page: UNECE HLG Big Data Project 2015 - Sandbox Task Team Enterprise Web sites Page: United Kingdom (ONS) - Smartmeter type data for household structure/size and occupancy